A baby shower!

This past weekend we were thrown an awesome couples shower by froggyfriend, K. The decorations were superb, a hand painted sign that will hang in froggybabies room, balloons and streamers galore and even a little people decoration...

Froggydaddy rocking his apron complete with nipples!
K went all out with the food, stuffed shells, taquitos, plantains, spinach dip, and the list goes on and on and froggyfriend D made a fabulous spicy chicken dip that was so good I couldn't stop eating even after I had heartburn!
We played a couple games, the one for the guys was to chug-a-lug beer out of a baby bottle and the first one finished won a six pack. It was hilarious to watch a bunch of Marines drink out of a baby bottle. The other game was one where K put baby food into diapers and we had to guess the food by smell. Some of the contents were questionable and not one of them looked appetizing!

Posted by PicasaI don't think I was supposed to taste the diaper filling...


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