Where did the time go?

Wow. I can't believe it's been over a month since I had Madelyn. My life has changed so much yet I feel like I have had this life for so long I don't remember another time. I am slowly but surely regaining some of my "me time" so there should be more blogging in the future including a letter to Madelyn for her 1 month birthday.

This parenting thing is hard. I know that I'm making the best decisions I can regarding my daughter, but every single day I second guess myself. I know it's the lack of sleep (which I'm happy to say is quickly mending itself) and the sheer stress of having a new baby. I've tried very hard not to "spoil" her but she loves to be held and I just can't let her cry forever so we hold her. She does well for short periods of time on her own, but sometimes I think she just gets bored, can a 1 month old get bored already? I'm certain she can.

Next week I'm going back to work. It's going to be a difficult transition on both of us. Luckily it's part time and I can take her with me so it won't be too awful traumatic on me. I have separation anxiety worse than she ever will I think. I can't stand to be in one room while somebody is taking care of her in the other room. I might have a problem. I don't care. I love that little girl more than life itself and no sacrifice is too great for her.


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