Letter to Madelyn - Month 2

So, yeah, I'm more than a little late on this one. What with the holidays and hospital visits. Madelyn, you will soon learn that I have lots of good intentions but sometimes life gets in the way.

My dearest Madelyn,

This month you smiled for the first time, you took your first overnight trip, your daddy got commissioned, you met tons of family members previously unknown to you, and on top of it all you continued to maintain your cute demeanor.

Your first smile came precisely two days after our family Christmas portraits reminding us once again that you are on your very own time table. You are so guarded with your smiles and smile only for those that you are comfortable with. While we were in Asheville you revealed to us that when you smile really big you have a dimple in your left cheek. It is so precious. You also get so excited sometimes that you get the hiccups in the middle of a big smile and then you promptly get mad.

It is so amazing watching you grow and change and I look forward to what the future months hold.

I love you baby girl,



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