Letter to Madelyn - Month 3

Hey Pretty Girl!

This is how I greet you every day. Daddy and I are sure that you believe your name is pretty girl because those words will get you to smile every single time. You continue to grow and to amaze me each and every day that we spend together. I see your little personality more each time I look at you. You are a horrible napper. You hate naps unless you can take them in my arms so I sacrifice and sit in bed or on the couch with you and let you sleep until your little heart desires to wake up. This month has been full of firsts for you, as I imagine most every month of yourl ife will be for a while, but this month had so many fantastic firsts and some scary ones.

This was your first Christmas. In the days leading up to Christmas you had such an exhausting routine of visiting family and opening presents that on Christmas morning when I laid you down on your new playmat, you promptly fell asleep and then you napped through the rest of the presents being opened and halfway through breakfast.

This month you met your Great Great Grandmother Brown, you are very fortunate to be the 5th generation of that family. We got pictures of you with Mamaw Brown, it was so heartwarming to see you in her arms and to watch you look at her as you dozed off.

Right after Christmas you had a fever and daddy and I had to take you to the emergency room, Mama was so scared. I didn't sleep much that day and night and you were so happy and so much yourself that it didn't seem possible for you to be sick. Nothing could have ever prepared me for the strength it took to hold your little hands while they drew blood and did other uncomfortable procedures. During this hospital visit you had your first ambulance ride, you rode in Mommy's arms and they strapped me down. You slept through the whole thing. We met daddy at the other hospital and they admitted us to our room. Daddy and I took turns sleeping in a recliner that I thought was going to flip over that night and on a couch. You slept several hours through temperature taking and tylenol doses.

The night after we were released your fever spiked again and you had your second ER visit. This time we were at home and Mommy was really scared this time. You were acting like you didn't feel well and your fever spiked over a matter of 45 minutes. We were admitted again and spent your first New Years in the hospital. All of the nurses fell in love with you because you laughed and cooed at them until they tried to take your temperature or blood pressure and then you got mad and even when you are mad you are absolutely precious.

All of that took place in the first week of your third month! This month you also decided that you weren't comfortable in your bassinet so we have had to move you into your pack n play at the bottom of our bed. This is more for Mommy's sake than yours. I just cannot stand the thought of you being asleep in a different room than me, not just yet. I love you more than words can express and while it doesn't hurt as much for me to be away from you for a few hours, it kills me to think of you being all alone.

This past weekend we went to NC and it snowed! I had to drive on ice and I am constantly amazed at how much things change now that you are a part of my life. Once upon a time ago I wouldn't have worried about road conditions or if I had to walk a half a mile to get somewhere in the weather but having you in the backseat changed it all. I was so afraid something was going to happen and when we did get out of the car and daddy took you and walked on the snow and ice I may have cried a little because I was terrified. I was terrified that daddy was going to slip, I was just as terrified that I was going to slip during the few minutes I had you in my arms. Once I got you in the house, you didn't leave the house until it was time to come home. You had a great time looking at the fire and out the window and the bright white snow. You are such a good baby, not very fussy and so interested in the world around you. You laugh and smile and talk so much that I know we're in trouble when you learn actual words. Your newest trick is to look up at me while you're eating and try to talk and smile with your mouth full. It's absolutely adorable and I get tickled at you and then you get tickled at me and for a good 10 minutes you can't eat because we're laughing and smiling at each other. I cherish these moments and I am so happy that I am able to share every single day with you, my beautiful sweet baby girl.

Love you,



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