Madelyn - 5 months

Hi baby girl!
We've had a crazy two months but you have done so well and are growing up so fast. Could you maybe slow down just a little? Just a tad? Right now you are laying in the recliner beside me with your boppy and a stuffed frog kicking my arm just as hard as you can. I love looking over and seeing you playing happily.

This month you started eating food, real live food. Well not LIVE food, but food that doesn't come ouf of my breast. You LOVE eating! You join us in your highchair every night for dinner and so far you've had carrots, green beans, and now sweet potatoes. I can't tell which one you like most just yet because you make little bird lips for them all. You love to stick your hand in your mouth and making a huge mess in the 5 seconds it takes me to reload your spoon.

This month we also moved. I can't begin to tell you how hard it was on Mommy to leave our house. To leave the house I brought you home to. To leave the house that you first smiled in, where you first giggled and laughed and discovered so many things. I cried a lot that day and am tearing up now just thinking about it. At our old house we had a brown living room set and I sat in the chair every day with you, it's where I nursed you and where I held you so many times while you slept. We left that furniture for another couple to have and saying goodbye to that chair just about killed me. Luckily you don't seem phased by any of it and we've been in the new house 2 weeks and you have already had so many firsts here and we have so many memories together here already that I know all of the moving we have to do will be just fine. Our family is together and that's all that matters, houses and furniture are just things.

On Daddy's birthday you rolled over from your back to your belly for the first time, it was so cute and special and you've done it a few more times since then but only when you really really want a toy that is just out of reach and then you grab it and immediately shove it into your mouth.

Speaking of shoving things into your mouth, nothing is safe. You get fingers, ears, toys, and even your Easter basket!

Every single day you make me smile, you make me laugh and I love you more and more as each moment passes. The other day I was talking to daddy about if he ever thought he could love somebody as much as he loves you and we agreed that neither one of us thought so much love was possible. Sweet girl, you are my sunshine.

Love you,



The Balls said…
she is getting so big & is SO cute! how are you guys doing? everytime i drive by your house (and see the boat parked there - which clint by the way asked "did chris & katrina get a new boat?") i get sad & wonder how ya'll are doing! i hope you're adjusting to everything & that your move went smoothly! we miss you!

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