Me a clingy mom? Never!

Yeah um, so maybe I'm a little more clingy than I should be and I'll contribute it directly to anxiety.

My almost 5 month old daughter still sleeps in our room in her pack n play because what if there's a fire between my room and hers, you know one that spontaneously occurs in the hall because of that rogue match from where the dog was smoking a cigar? Or what if a burgler breaks in and kills only the people in one room and then she'll be without parents and nobody would know we're dead and how long would she cry before somebody found her and would she think we abandoned her and that we didn't love her? Yeah, my mind is a scary place to be sometimes. I admit that it's a short jump from normal to crazy and I make it daily, back and forth, hippity hop....5 little froggies jumping on a bed...I fell off and cracked my head.

I've pretty well convinced myself that those are stupid reasons and am this close to moving her to her crib and then last night she buries her face into the mattress of her pack n play and I freak out because the crib mattress is so much softer and what if she suffocates? See, the daughter isn't really helping Mommy with her anxiety. It's not my fault, it's the baby's.

Do you think her dorm room will allow mommies to blow up an air mattress in the floor? Maybe I'll just wait until then, go back to school and be her roommate legitimately. That wouldn't be at all clingy, nope, not at all.


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