Big Brother Domino

Domino spends the majority of his day laying on the bed in the teeny tiny guest room looking out the window, but there are a few things to get him running down the steps every time. There's the rattling plastic wrappers or bags so that he think he might get some people food, or the monster squeak, but the cutest one is a Madelyn squawk. She makes this certain coughy grunty chuckle that gets him every time. She makes this noise and he runs and checks on her and if I'm the one making her make this sound he will sniff me and make sure that I'm not hurting her. It doesn't matter where we are, on the floor, in the bed or her playing in her crib. When he is snuggly on the couch in a pile of pillows, he will ignore calls to be petted and may even resist the possibility of food, but let the baby make a noise that is remotely different or distressful sounding and he's up to check on her. It's really quite sweet, especially since he does everything in his power to avoid her. He also comes and gets us when she starts crying at night and we're downstairs, he gets out of bed and comes to give us this look that says "That little thing you brought home that horrible day is making noise and not allowing me to sleep, do something". He is really fitting into his role as big brother and hopefully at some point in the near future he will stop thinking that the best option of things for the baby to pet is his butt.


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