Happy 6 Months!

Hey baby girl!
Today is your 6 month birthday. It amazes me that we've been at this for half a year now. It seems like only yesterday I was letting you sleep on my chest and now...well now you use my chest as a jungle gym. You are growing so much, today you weigh 17lbs 5 oz and are 26 inches long. You are beautiful with more personality in your little finger than other babies we've met. We spent your half birthday at the park where you met a new friend who is 2 weeks older than you. You tried to show off for her by sitting up for a good 15 minutes before losing interest. At home you won't sit up by yourself for 30 seconds because it means you can't chew on your toes or hold a toy with your hands and your feet. You are much more interested in laying on your back than sitting. We had a guest, Lauren here for 10 days and you wouldn't sit up at all for her, she didn't think you could and then today you proved her wrong.

This month you started really rolling around. You can get across the room in record time and love going after different toys. Your bug is still your favorite toy as is "tractor pig". You play in your jungle jumper all the time and love it! You get so excited and stiffen your legs and just laugh and laugh at us.Every day with you is a new adventure, you have a new facial expression or new discovery almost hourly and I just can't take my eyes off of you. You love to read books and have started flipping the pages on your own, usually in the wrong direction - but that's OK because I just make up new stories as we go in whatever direction you want. We spend our days singing and playing and chasing the dog, who, by the way hates the fact that you are mobile and that you reach for him. He tolerates it, but you can see it in his eyes that he doesn't think it's natural.

You have a sweet tooth and love fruits but not veggies...unless it's sweet potatoes or carrots. Meal time is so much fun because you will get a mouth full, get tickled at the fact that I'm standing there making the same face I've made for the past 10 minutes and spit peas all over me. You also LOVE your cup. I put a little water in it and you drink it and drool it all over yourself and cry when I take it away. It's the only thing you cry over when I take it away.

You are a total daddy's girl and sometimes after you and I have had a long day, daddy will come home and your face will light up and your entire body will tremble with excitement. I love seeing you miss him and recognize him. Now that he leaves in the morning before you get up you love rolling over and seeing him on the weekend mornings.

You have discovered that bathtime can be so much fun now that you can kick and splash. Domino doesn't like that much either. When you are in the bath and I just let you play he sits beside the tub and shakes. Every noise you make he looks over the edge, looks at me, and shakes like he is terrified that something horrible is happening.
There is so much you have taught me, you have taught me patience and flexibility. I have learned that my way isn't always best and that sometimes I need to just relax and let things happen. I have learned to trust my instincts when it comes to you and not to put so much faith in the experience of others. Most of all I have learned that just when I think I can't love any more I will see you with your daddy and realize that 10 seconds ago I only thought I loved...that this, this moment must really be love.

I love you baby girl and I can't wait to see what the next 6 months has in store!
Love you,


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