Little Angel?

This past weekend we visited our family and Madelyn was so well behaved! After the first night of it taking an hour to get her to sleep because she had never seen that spot! that one right there! before. Oh wait, there's a different wall here beside my crib, what's that shadow? I DON'T WANT TO SLEEP! She did great. She played, laughed, smiled and charmed everyone she met. She went to bed easily and slept for hours. For the first time this weekend she reached for me. I loved it. I would pass her off to somebody just so that I could hold out my arms and have her return the gesture and grab my neck and plant a huge slobbery kiss on me. She was a perfect little angel.

Then we came home.

The only logical explanation for the fussy baby, lack of napping, and total abandonment of nighttime sleep is that my baby hates me. I know that I have given her life and nursed her and cared for her every waking moment of her life, but she doesn't care...she hates me. Either that or I'm just too darn boring now that she's had multiple people to entertain her for days.

Eh, it's not the last time in her life that she'll hate me. I control the milk, she'll have to love me again soon...


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