Happy 8 Months!

Happy eight months little girl!

This morning you woke up for you 8 month birthday with a fever of 101.9. I know that doesn't seem too bad, but with our history of fevers and ER visits it sent Mommy and Daddy into a tizzy afraid of you having another UTI. We called the nurse line and decided while waiting for a call back to drive to the ER, on the way there your fever broke and you continued to babble and play so we turned around and came home, knowing that if we showed up with a baby with no fever and an excellent mood we'd never get seen. A dr. visit later we know that everything is OK and you probably just have a little virus, but I still don't like it. Not at all. So how about you put all fevers on hold until I'm dead OK?
You also have a new tooth peaking through, top right incisor. You are a big drool factory. I thought you drooled a lot but you have shown me that I didn't know the meaning of drool. Yesterday you smiled at the chiropractor and I swear an entire gallon of drool came out of your mouth and washed over the floor and splattered on his shoes.

This month you swam for the first time. OK, you sat in your floaty in a pool for the first time and you absolutely loved it! You just relaxed and played with the toys and floated around. We have been back several times and you've now gotten bored of just sitting in the float and you lean and kick and try to get all over the pool. I think you will be a great swimmer once we start some lessons. You have started jabbering. You laugh, growl and now sometimes you will talk to us in your "sweet voice". You say Dadadada and lalalala. Sometimes when you are upset it sounds like you are saying mamamama, but only when you are crying. I tried to dismiss your first word as not being dada and just saying it was jabber, but daddy made a good point in saying that things would be different if he dismissed everything I said that he thought was just jabber. So I guess your first word was dada and that makes your daddy very happy.

Every evening when daddy comes home from work, it doesn't matter what we're doing or how upset you are, it is as if the entire world stops and you just look at him and smile and laugh. You love to play with him and you act shy when I am holding you. You'll smile and giggle at him and then bury your face into my shoulder.

You love to eat. Scratch that, you love to wear food. You'll eat most of the baby food presented to you on a spoon and you act like you gobble up the puffs I put out on your tray and you love to play with pasta, but as soon as I pick you up it's like a little downpour of puffs and I'll often find them stuck in your little fat rolls on your legs. Domino LOVES it when I get you out of the highchair, it's extra treats for him.

You are prepared for military training. You have mastered the low crawl. You scoot along on your belly kind of dragging your feet behind you and for such an akward looking move you are really fast and proficient. I keep waiting for you to crawl on your hands and knees like a normal baby and you'll pull your knees up under you and just when I think you're going to go for it you will splay your legs out like a frog and take off dragging them while you make your way for the one thing in the room you shouldn't chew on, usually a dog toy or a shoe.
I spend the majority of my day chasing you, redirecting you and feeding you. We have a lot of fun playing pat a cake, ball, and "up down" where I hold you up in the air and then bring you back down for a hug. I think it might be one of your favorite games. It's one of mine because when I bring you back down you are always grabbing hold around my neck and laughing. We are inseperable and I like it. I love it. I love you. You are the silliest, sweetest, happiest, and attitudiest* baby I know.

*Feel free to blame me when you make up words.


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