Just recently Madelyn has turned into a 13 year old stuck in an 8 month old body. I know that she knows what she is doing, but I'm not sure what consequences she would understand at this age so I just look at her in disbelief.

Last week she pitched a fit over me taking my water bottle away from her. It wasn't that she couldn't play with it, I just usually drink out of it, you know, that being it's purpose and all. She screamed for 10 minutes in the car until I offered it as a soothing toy. At this point I thought she was tired or didn't want to be in the car. When we reached our destination I took it from her again as we got out of the car and more crying ensued. I tried to nurse her, thinking she might want a little milk or comfort or something because she is not a fussy baby at all. She latched on and then proceeded to glare at me without drinking. We had a straight-up stare down and when it was all said and done I emerged victorious, the baby left the confrontation without milk or water bottle.

I'm just not sure what is in store for us as she gets older. I am afraid.


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