A couple months ago I did a real time blog of my feelings as I allowed my daughter to cry herself to sleep. Shortly after that post she got a really nasty cold and I went back to putting her to sleep myself. She was sleeping well enough until about 3 weeks ago when she started waking every hour or two crying and me having to put her to sleep or bring her to bed with us.

2 weeks ago I started letting her cry herself to sleep again, except this time it was so much less painful. She cried for 15 minutes and was out. Within a week she was putting herself to sleep within 30 minutes and sleeping all night.

From this I have learned to listen to my daughter and if it ain't broke, don't fix it. As soon as our routine stopped working and we tried something new it worked beautifully without force, without pain, and without any tears from mommy.

*Warning, I am about to have a strong opinion. Stop reading if you don't like my opinion.*

I don't understand how Moms can let their newborns cry for hours. I couldn't stand it. I feel that it's selfish to push your child into something they're not ready for. I tried it, I almost did it but an illness prevented me from continuing what I now believe was something that she just wasn't ready for.

I understand that some babies are ready for things earlier than Madelyn was, that some babies are natural sleepers and do great. If you're the mom of one of those babies...Congratulations!

I am proud to say that I have a very happy baby, I feel that she knows that I will always meet her needs and is secure in that thought. She wakes up every morning very happy and is only fussy when she is tired or hungry and even then it isn't a crying as much as it is just a whiney pitiful cry.

I know that sometimes I have to put my feelings aside and do what is best for my daughter, that ultimately her well being may mean that I have to hurt, that I have to let go. I have accepted that, but I don't believe that at any time should I go against my gut and do something that just doesn't feel right. I also know that I am "that" mom. I am protective, I have introduced some things to Madelyn a little late, not because I don't think she's ready for them or because I'm making a conscious choice, but more that time is just going by so darn fast! It doesn't feel like she is 8 months old to me, it feels like maybe 6.

I love my daughter more than life itself and if it means me losing sleep, being uncomfortable, or having to give up some of myself I will gladly reasonably oblige in order to allow her to be as happy as possible.


Sumpffamilie said…
OMG!! Who lets their child scream for hours?? That just sounds crazy to me.. did you see a show? Or is this someone you know? I am shocked.

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