Where does the time go?

My baby girl is growing so fast! I spent a good chunk of today looking back on her baby pictures while she stood(!) at her play table babbling and singing along with the music. Then she crawled over to me, pulled up on my knees and licked my leg as a cheerio fell out of one of her fat rolls.

It's such a fun and exciting time, but it sure doesn't feel like 9 months have past. Just in the past week I feel like she has grown so much. She has 3 and a half teeth now, is pulling up on EVERYTHING because sitting is for the weak apparently...although she still doesn't crawl on her hands and knees, but prefers a commando type crawl that would put seasoned Marines to shame. She loves cheerios and graham crackers and pitches a fit when I try to feed her anything...of course she won't eat anything with any type of soft texture on her own because smooshing it in to the tray and in her hair is so much more fun.

She sleeps through the night and doesn't rely on me as much to put her to sleep.

She laughs and smiles constantly, flirting with everyone who will talk to her. She loves watching the other kids play and jumps in excitement whenever she meets somebody new. I love watching her learn and discover the world around her. This past week she was on the go constantly and did beautifully with missing nap time, having meal times all kinds of screwed up (eating several of them in the car on the way to or from DC), and looking at multiple exhibits in random museums.

She loves her mommy but will readily go to other family members for comfort and when that little girl sees her daddy the world stops. No matter what any of us is doing, when daddy walks through the door the world stops and her face will light up and she will tremble with excitement and reach for him, the world doesn't start again until she has had proper daddy snuggles.

On the mornings that she wakes up and he is still in the bed, she gets excited as soon as I walk through the bedroom door with her and she will reach over and touch face as if she doesn't believe that he is really there. Some mornings she wakes up as he is leaving and he will go get her and bring her in to me, on those mornings she will cling to him and I know that if I were not the keeper of the milk that she would cry for him to continue to hold her and to not leave us.

I love this awareness in her, I love that she realizes that he's not always here and that time with him is precious. She doesn't seem to miss him when he's gone, but you can bet that she knows enough to make the time she does have count.


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