Sneaky sneaky

Madelyn has to be one of the sneakiest babies I have ever met, she is learning quickly what she can and cannot do and since she is just 9 months, she still does the things she's not supposed to do.

The other night she licked the TV. We are working on not licking everything and she knows the TV is off limits because as soon as she did it I said "No Ma'am" and she put her hand over the wet spot and then looked at me like she wasn't doing anything wrong.

Yesterday she climbed onto the landing and started up the stairs, I was right behind her but she didn't see me. She is very good at climbing stairs (unfortunately, new baby gate here we come) and had made it up 4 of them before turning around. When she saw me she grinned and I asked where she was going and she waved "bye bye" and turned to start back up them.

Today she was trying to pull books off the bookshelf and I was telling her "No Ma'am" and she would stop, look at me, and start playing with one of her toys. At one point she did pull out a book, looked at me with an "Oh crap" look and tried her hardest to put the book back in it's place.

Back to her obsession with licking everything, she will distract you and slowly get her mouth on whatever it is that needs licking. She tricked Andrea and I both the other night by holding her toy over the edge of the highchair like she was going to drop it...the whole time she was focused on licking the table.

She is a total mess and every day is an adventure. I wouldn't have it any other way!


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