Happy 11 months!

I'll do my letter to Madelyn later, but first here are some pictures of how she spent her 11 months birthday.

A trip to the park!

Happy RUMP Day!

She loved playing on the slide. Not to actually slide down it of course, just to sit and climb and crawl. Oh and for mommy to bonk her (Madelyn's) head on during one of many pant pulling up sessions.
Tearing up and trying to eat leaves.

Notice the nastiness on the toes...

Passing out in the stroller with Emma Kay

It's so much fun now that she can actually play at the park. Her knees were nasty, her toes and hands were black and she had a blast. She and her new friend Emmalyn got their fiber by shoving wood chips in their mouths just as fast as we could get it out of their hands and sneaking leaves in as soon as they could. Emma-Kay kept running off and climbing on the playground equipment and Ian and Miah (another new friend) were so great playing with the babies on the slide. Isaak (Miah's little brother) slept and slept and slept through almost the whole trip!
We had another friend join the group at the end of our day...an attack catepillar. He was huge and green and had fangs like a tiger. He tried to eat Bonnie, but she was quick like a cat and kept him from gobbling her up. I was glad because we didn't have Bonnies emergency contact information yet.


Amber said…
LOL! That was cute! Good thing the caterpillar didn't have poisonous venom! I had a great time at the park! Thanks:)
The Lowe Family said…
was that a contest to see how many friends' names you could put in that post? i'm jealous... where was i?
Bonnie said…
So, I can totally see why Jess would be jealous... it's obvious that you have a crush on me. I'm totally cool and man, I'm so funny! :-)

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