A little tongue in cheek

I have a new friend Jessica and she was totally at the park yesterday but I didn't blog her because well...she didn't fight the killer caterpillar although she did try to block my picture so that she could blog it and she wasn't a kid. So this post is gonna be all about Jessica. She's such a Marsha Brady. You should see her at the gym, all checking her herself out in the mirror all the time. She only wants to work with the freeweights because the machines are too far away from the mirror and when she runs on the treadmill she picks the one closest to the mirror so she can get ideas for her Myspace picture. Speaking of her Myspace, she doesn't have a picture up because she thinks she's too good for Myspace and is afraid that her beauty will crash the server.

Of course she visited the blog yesterday and was so jealous that I didn't mention her. I'm afraid that she might try to beat up Bonnie or hide the kids in a closet or something because I mentioned them. I mean this girl is a real doozy. I'm pretty sure she went back to the park yesterday and squished that caterpillar for making it onto the blog.

Amber, thank you for being so sweet and not being jealous of not getting a mention. I am sorry that I didn't mention you either.

For anyone keeping track, I love sarcasm and I love our new friends Jessica, Miah, and Isaak and Bonnie, and Emmalyn. There are more kids that I haven't met so I might not love them, they could be brats.


The Lowe Family said…
that jessica sounds like a total b. i mean really, who does all that? what a vain narcisist person she must be. i don't even wanna meet her. i wouldn't have mentioned her if i were you. i bet she's lovin a post dedicated to her ugly self.
Amber said…
LMAO!!! Freakin hilarious!!! And yeah, she is totally a Marsha Brady!!! LOL. Yeah, now that you mention it, I wasn't even mentioned at all? When am I going to get a blog about me?!?
Bonnie said…
Yeah, I have to agree... that Jessica is a total B! I can hardly stand to be around her, she keeps cornering me and making me workout with her... GAH! I wish she would just leave me alone... but I can't shake her!

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