Month 11 - My favorite things edition

Dear Madelyn,

This month I am forgoing the usual raves of how much you amaze me and how much you have changed in favor of listing my favorite things in our day to day lives, the things I don't want to forget, that I love more than anything and without them I think my world would collapse onto itself in a black hole of despair.

I love your crooked little grin, you crinkle your nose and show your teeth. Sometimes this grin is more than even you can handle and you pull your shoulders to your ears while you are doing it.

Your full body hugs. Almost everytime I pick you up you hug with your arms, your legs, and your face burying it deeply into my shoulder. I love how after a car ride, no matter how short you will grab me like we haven't seen each other in months.

How excited you are on weekends when you sit up in bed and Daddy AND Domino are in bed with us. You are so happy and so excited that you don't know which way to go first.

Your fat rolls. I love them so much I think I will name them and buy them Christmas presents.

The sweet sweet smell of your neck.

How when you are being silly you make this raspberryish sound with your mouth and just crack yourself up.

How you will sit in the middle of the living room and look for the one thing I wouldn't want you to have and make a beeline for it.

How you smile in your sleep.

How snuggly you are and how you love skin on skin contact. If you are laying with me, you always find skin...even if it's by running your foot up under my shirt, you find it and I love it more than anything!

How you "pet" me when you are nursing. You gently rub your hands on my belly as you eat, it is so sweet and I love this connection with you. It's something uniquely ours. Nobody can take it from us.

How you used to low crawl everywhere as if we had barbed wire across the living room.

How you sit on your knees.

Your fat little feet at the end of leggings. Someday you won't want cankles, but they are beautiful and wonderfully yummy!

How you climb the stairs by going up one step and looking to see if I am following and then laughing as you race up them with me behind you.

How you scoot across the floor on dvd cases like you are skating with your hands.

How you wave "night night" anytime the word is mentioned.

Your "darth vader" breath anytime you are concentrating on something or excited.

Baby girl, this list could go on forever and forever but let's just end it by saying I love day to day life with you, I love watching your grow, I love being a part of it all and I love knowing that we will continue to have things to love about one another.



Bonnie said…
Holy Crap, Katrina... sappy much?! You almost had me tearing up. I regained composure, and now I say to you... that was really sweet. I especially love the whole naming the rolls part. I wish Em had rolls. Ah, but that will probably never be. You also made me miss nursing, which I thought would never happen! I love my freedom, but it was so sweet to have something that no one else could ever give her.
The Lowe Family said…
i love the patting ur stomach thing. maybe when our friendship has grown a little, we'll bond and you'll let me pet your stomach. i can't wait.
The Lowe Family said… need a makeover in this room. these colors remind me of vomit. want me to help?
Amber said…
Will you buy my fat rolls Christmas presents too? Your such a good mommy!!!! What a sweet letter to Madelyn, she is one lucky baby to have a mommy like you. I might steal your idea and write Emma-Kay one for her birthday!

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