Last night as I was picking noodles out of Madelyns fat rolls in the shower I had a mini-breakdown and started crying. Yesterday we got some news that turned our entire plan for the next several months upside down and while it's nothing we can't handle I was just having a hard time processing it all. You know how when you have a fantastic plan and all these exciting fun expectations and then all of the sudden not only does your plan change but the opportunity for fun and exciting is greatly diminished and you're taken by surprise because the orders you got only 2 weeks ago should have been good, they should have been right? Yeah, that sucks when it all changes.

Anyway, I was crying and it was an ugly cry, a body shaking cry and Madelyn must have thought I was laughing because she grabbed my nose and started cracking up laughing and then when I regained my composure she started bouncing because I had stopped shaking and she wanted to play more. In that moment I remembered that no matter how much things suck, life is what you make it...Madelyn turned my ugly cry into playtime and had a blast.

So life is handing us a bit of an ugly cry (don't get me wrong, other families have it much worse than we do, I'm just not happy about things right now) and I plan to turn it into playtime.


The Lowe Family said…
was it one of those cries where you cry so hard you start gaggin? i love those but i haven't had one since movin here. i used to have about 10 of those cries every day after isaak was born and i was living with my parents withOUT austin...blah. i hate that. but i kinda like it, ya know?
Amber said…
Girl, no have been on my mind so much during my day (aside from the time that I actually don't see you). Listening to this has really "hit home" for me! This is our reality, and it is a scary thing to actually have to start living it now. I am here for you!!!

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