The art of avoidance

This morning was the first day in three that we didn't have plans to run around and have family fun time so that meant we needed to get up and hit the ground running since evil moving people will descent upon our house in 2 days. Luckily for Madelyn it was a chilly morning and I am a master at avoiding what needs to be done.

Hey Madelyn, you need some shoes!

I think your foot is broken, we'll have to operate...

Nevermind, it's just Elmo Feet!


Amber said…
Was she even able to walk in those?!? I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who avoids the inevitable! I really need to start going through all my rooms and organizing....but what the heck...I have 2 more months right?!?

I am really going to miss the heck out of you!!!!!!!
Bonnie said…
I love that last picture! Those boots look so cute on her... well, everything looks cute on her!
You know, you can just keep putting it all off and then you won't ever have to leave.. right?
The Lowe Family said…
yes, i do love the boots. but the present i got her will look even MORE cute on her!!

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