The best husband ever!

My husband is the best husband ever!

Right now I am propped up on pillows in a hotel room with a sleeping baby in her pack n play at my feet and my wonderful Marine is at our house packing and organizing and loading his car because the movers are coming tomorrow! I love him so much. I'm not sure how we would have made it through the past two moves without him. Of course without him I wouldn't have had to He pushes and gets it all done while I stress because all I see is chaos and I can't figure out where to start or what to do. He sees the big picture and busts tail to get it all done while I put silly slippers on my daughter and take pictures. I don't know what we're going to do without him when he leaves next week, but we're not thinking about that now. I'm in denial.

For anyone wondering...a hotel room is totally the way to go! Anyone (you know who you are...)looking at moving, you get TLE...USE IT! This is the second time we have and it's awesome to have a non-chaotic place to go, especially if you have kids because you can sleep better, have breakfast made for you and not have day to day mess in the house you're trying to pack and move from. Seriously. Do it. You will thank me, you will love me, you will want to marry me but you can't because I'm already married to the best husband ever!


The Lowe Family said…
I can't believe you're all camped out in a hotel. what a loser. hehe. (i wish i was there with you)
Amber said…
I'm not sure....I think that Matt might be tied with Chris for the best husband ever! I can share the title with you though:)

Matt does the exact same thing....organizes the crap out of everything. Love him!!!!

I can't believe your leaving all of us! It was so sad today. I've been thinking about you and Madelyn....ALOT!

You better not forget about us!

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