Can somebody please squeeze my head?

I'm a horrible allergy sufferer as in I don't suffer well. But by the pure nature of the word I don't think anyone suffers well otherwise it wouldn't be suffering, it would be partying and I'm a good partier so maybe I am a good sufferer because I make sure people know I am suffering and I am miserable hence making me good at the suffering. But I digress, I don't have sinus issues often and when I do, I am such a baby about it. I don't know if I actually have bad allergies, or if I'm just a baby about minor ones, but today everything aligned just right and I feel like my head is going to explode.

By aligning I mean I was doomed from the very beginning. First I turned on the oven to cook an eggo for Madelyn's breakfast, forgetting that the breakfast casserole / souffle thing I made on Sunday had bubbled over so this smoked up the house and the smoke irritated my throat just like it did on Sunday so I opened the windows to air out the house. As soon as the windows were open and the smoke was making it's escape they started mowing the grass around the building. Usually grass doesn't bother me but within minutes my nose started feeling stuffy and I have fought it all day. I finally broke down and went to Tarjay and got some benedryl and I have been counting down the minutes before I could take it since 5:30. Chris isn't home and I can't fight Benedryl drowsy with an 11 month old. I'm good but not that good.

So here I am feeling like a pimple head wishing I could pop myself and relieve the pressure waiting for it to be not too early to put the baby to bed so that I can actually enjoy my benedryl induced drowsy. Hopefully Madelyn will cooperate and will sleep a decent length of time in her bed. I'm also excited about crawling in bed with my knitting and finishing a second pumpkin hat...hopefully it still looks like a pumpkin and not a rotten gourd in the morning.


Bonnie said…
You poor thing! I hate allergies! Yuck!
But on the brighter side, Dave got orders to Pendelton! It's kind of bitter sweet since I will miss my good friend Jess! :-( Even more so since the only person that I know that is getting stationed there is going to NC for the first year! Crap if you ask me!
Amber said…
I hope your feeling better today!
The Lowe Family said…
that's so sweet of you to make a second pumpkin hat for isaak, what a good friend you are.

i don't like the pimple head comparison. it makes me wanna pop you cuz i like popping things.

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