First of 3...

Yesterday we had a little playdate for Madelyn's birthday. I wanted an excuse to make her a cupcake caterpillar and it was her birthday in 8 days so there we go. Unfortunately due to previously mentioned health drama and a miscommunication about the day, Denise, Reese, Craig, Chris and I had to eat the cupcakes all by ourselves. Let me tell you, it was really a matter of fact I am still suffering through and eating cupcakes.

It's a caterpillar!

Madelyn doing what she does best...cheesing for the camera

Denise and Reese

We had a great time, the weather was gorgeous and Madelyn had a blast almost eating the leaves. She would crinkle them and take them to her mouth and then drop the old leaf in favor finding a new one. I'm sure if Emmalyn had been there that Madelyn would have chowed down on leaves, but without her partner in crime she just wasn't brave enough.
Speaking of Emmalyn....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


The Lowe Family said…
happy happy day!! looks like monday isn't gonna work for the other girls so how bout i just swing by ur crib after i watch at the co-op and drop off miss madelyn's gift?? wanna email me with your address and time u'll be there?
Amber said…
I am so bummed that I couldn't be there to help Madelyn celebrate her special day! Her twin, Emma-Kay missed her. And it goes without saying that Ian did too. I'm glad that you had good weather for her! And the cupcakes are super cute! You did a good job with them:)
Bonnie said…
Ah! Thanks for the shout-out! Emmalyn was so happy to see her name! I wish we could have been there for Madelyn! Hopefully we can get together soon and celebrate before you leave!

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