Guest blogger...

Todays blog is brought to you by the ever talented, almost 1 year old Madelyn Grace. Madelyns previous works include a few random gmail chats, and email to daddy, and numerous poopy diapers. She takes great pride in her art and as you will see, she hates making mistakes.


As a side note...that couch is currently on a moving truck headed towards CA, and tomorrow that baby will be in a car headed towards NC. And I still have the most fabulous husband in the world.


Bonnie said…
What the crap! You're leaving today! I am gonna miss you! You need to email me your number again... I don't have it anymore! As soon as you get to Cali, give me a call!
Amber said…
How cute! But Madelyn looks alittle upset at the whole thing towards the end? Does she have some anger issues? I get the same way when I'm trying to email. Grrrrrr!

Miss you guys already!!!!!! Let us all know that you got there okay. I am sure that the drive to Ashville is going to be beautiful with the leaves changing colors.

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