One year...

Hi baby girl!

A week ago you turned one. One whole year has gone by since you graced us with your presence. It seems like only 2 days ago that I was dressed as pregnant Britney for an early Halloween party.
For weeks I have made comments on what is it about the age of one that makes it magical. There's all this stuff I was supposed to wait until you were one to do, and I just didn't get how magical one was. You turned one and all the sudden you look older, your fat rolls are slimming down and you have stinky nasty sticky toddler poop. I think it's time to poop in the potty.

This month we moved back to Asheville while Daddy went to CA and it's been a rough adjustment. You have seen so much of our family that it's crazy and they are all so impressed with you and how smart and how much personality you have. You are so happy and loving and just plain sweet.
You finally let me squeeze your fat feet into shoes on your birthday. This has been a true challenge because of your monkey toes and how you curl them up preventing me from getting anything but a sock on your foot. Ask Miss Denise, she spent several days in Target with me trying to get shoes on your feet and figure out what size you wear.

Part of our visit in Asheville has included snow and cold wind. You're not really sure what to think of this new weather. You liked the snow but didn't understand where it went when you grabbed it and it melted. The wind was another story, I'm not sure if it took your breath or if you were just trying to eat it as it hit your fat little cheeks. Either way it was really cute how you opened and closed your mouth trying to catch the wind and then laughing.
I just can't believe how much you have changed in the past week. It's ridiculous. You don't look like a baby anymore, you look like a toddler. A sweet little punkin head toddler who smacks her lips when she wants food or drink. A sweet baby who still nuzzles in to nurse and who buries her head into my shoulder when meeting strangers. I love these moments, I love this in between stage, you are my baby and you will always be my baby.

I love you!



Amber said…
You have such sweet words to Madelyn! Isn't it so sad that they are getting so big on us? I hate it! Happy 1st Birthday Madelyn!!! We miss your smiling rabbit teeth smile, and your chubby fat ham legs.
The Lowe Family said…
thats so sweet and precious!!
The Lowe Family said…
oh and i wanna see the pregnant britney picture

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