Rolling rolling rolling...

That has kind of become my mantra, just keep rolling along. Rolling with the punches, rolling with the flow, rolling with the packing and moving. I think the only thing worse than doing a full on DITY (Do It Yourself) move is to do half of one where you have to decide what items you will want for the next three months and what things can go into storage.

I also never knew how much I would miss the dog. I actually have to sweep up after Madelyn eats...and dadgum that baby is messy! This morning she threw cheerios in the floor and then looked for Domino to come clean them up before throwing more. I hope she learns quickly that he's not there to clean up after her otherwise I'm gonna have to let her eat her own cheerios off the floor.

We've been getting regular updates about Domino, he is very happy in his new home. He has settled in nicely and let my father in law know early on who is boss. I know deep down that we made the right decision.

With a move in less than a week it's pack or be packed...

Madelyn and Mickey weren't pulling their weight


The Lowe Family said…
i 100% agree with u that packin half of ur stuff is harder.

i miss my cleanup dog the most too...i have to like, sweep and vacuum and that crap.

okay izey just diahrea'd all over my leg out the side of his diaper. it's warm, wet and stinky. i must go.
Amber said…
Madelyn is too stinkin cute! Love her face! You mean, your not goign to eat all her food off the floor? Why not?!?

I am so not looking forward to my move either. I have no idea how long I will have to be without my stuff, so we are going to have ALOT of stuff we will have to live off of for the next few months too! I hate moving!!! At least though, this next move for all of us will be a long one:) I am going to miss the heck out of you and Madelyn!!!!
Bonnie said…
Ah, Madelyn is such a doll! I love her adorable face! I can't wait until we get her and Em together in Cali!
I know that I have to face the ugliness of a partial ditty soon and I reading your blog has really hit home! I'm dreading that stress!

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