Thinking of... way too many people in my immediate friend family are having / have had health related drama. So...Denise, Paige, Amber, Jessica, Isaak, and Bonnie you are all in my thoughts and prayers. I hate putting you all in a list like that but I'm not all about trying to put your biznes on this here blog.

Kim, I'm thining of you too, but Kaylee is not drama...she is a gorgeous, sweet, amazing baby girl. :)


The Lowe Family said…
I know right? When it rains it pours!!!
Amber said…
Awww, thanks girl!!! It has been one really hectic week!!! For everyone! I was going to post a blog about mine, and actually was going to call it "when it rains it pours" (Jessica, great minds think alike!) But I didn't want to gross anyone out. The people that need to know, KNOW! Thanks for thinking of me:)
Bonnie said…
Ah! Thanks, Katrina! You are such a sweetie, too bad you had to abandon me for fam in NC, what the crap!?! It looks like I'm gonna be all alone in Cali!
I hear the movers are coming next week, what a bummer! I'm gonna miss you! But we'll see each other soon enough!

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