1. I am now in Asheville living between my parents house and my grandmothers house. My grandmother is in a nursing home so her house is empty and is a great place for Madelyn and I to have as our own. However, I'm a chicken and there's no internet there yet so we've been sleeping at my parents. Plus they are calling for snow flurries tonight. Blech!

2. Madelyn turned one on Friday and I'm pretty sure she's diving head first into her terrible twos. We have major meltdowns, temper tantrums, and more attitude than I think a one year old is allowed to have. Of course, she's still the cutest, sweetest baby in the whole wide world.

3. Chris left Sunday to drive to CA. It will be 11 days until I see him for the ball in Charleston, SC. I am so bummed that he's not here with us and that we will be apart for a while (after the ball).

4. I am LOVING having cold weather so that I can sleep under my down comforter. Well, if I would ever go to the house where my comforter is to sleep under it. The two nights with Chris were wonderfully snuggly though!

5. I don't have internet yet and I'm going crazy!

6. Today I had my garbage in my lap to drop in the dumpster as I came to mom and dads and forgot to throw it away! I had stinky nasty poopy diaper garbage and I FORGOT it was there. I had to turn around and go back to throw it away.

7. I miss Chris like nobody's business and I wish he were here or we were there, or whatever has to happen for us to be together.


The Lowe Family said…
I miss Chris FOR you. I hate that feeling. When me and Austin were apart for the first three months of TBS I was a wreck EVERY day...well, take into consideration I was either 9 months preggo or had post partum...but still..I know I would have been a wreck anyway.
Wiggins Family said…
Aww hun, I know you miss Chris. I feel for you three. :) The girls and I miss you three too, well mainly two of you. He he he. NO offense Katrina. LMAO. You know your loved.
Bonnie said…
Man, I know exactly how you feel. I hate it when Dave is gone! Only 11 days, you can do it! Just keep telling yourself that! You can do anything for 11 days!
Dude, I totally wish that I had a place to stay so I didn't have to stay at my parents! I am gonna go crazy! It is gonna be so nice for you and Madelyn to have your own space! To keep your sanity!
Amber said…
SNOW!!! No thanks! I don't miss that at all!!! Make sure that you keep that weather up there with you. I don't want you sharing that with us at all.

I'm so bummed that you have to be apart from Chris. It makes it so hard, especially since your really a single parent right now.

Hope you get your internet soon, so you don't go too crazy!

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