On Thursday Charlie Company had are Warrior day. It was so much fun! It's crazy that after being with Chris for almost 9 years, this is the first opportunity I've had to do most of the things offered to the families. It was a great way to end this 6 months of hectic training and long days home with the baby.

Here is our little family checking out the AAVs and stuff...Madelyn was passed out!
(Yes, I was all MOTO with my cami pants...but I wasn't the only one!)

This is me cheesing it on the AAV, it was so much fun!
I can't believe Chris gets to do it all the time!

Chris and I in flac jackets and helmets to shoot big guns.

Me shooting the big gun, it was cool.

This is my favorite picture. Chris is sleeping and Madelyn has in ear plugs.

This was at the range
The "salty sergeant" raced the "boot leuitenant" on the O course. The LT won! This is very funny because the boot lt is older and more experienced than the salty sgt but we gave them a hard time the entire day.


Amber said…
Girl, I was so proud of you for being all MOTO! I was going to get some bling bling, diamond "Marine" wife shirt from the PX, but Jessica told me, NO, NO, NO!!! I love Madelyn's face with the ear plugs in!!! She is so smoochable!!! Love her!
The Lowe Family said…
oh yea..i c u talkin bad about me. okay that last picture looks like the guys arm is seriously broken...that isn't normal.
Bonnie said…
These are some cool pics! Makes me excited for our Warrior Day! Hopefully, we can find a babysitter for Em. I wanna be able to shoot all the weapons and ride the vehicles and be a regular GI Jane!

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