As the concerned and perfect mother that I am I have been careful not to expose Madelyn to nuts in fear of the dreaded nut allergy. I made my sister in law make her a separate birthday cake without nuts, I refused my father to give her peanut butter, I wouldn't let her have a bite of icecream because it had pecans in it. I have preached the peanut allergy fear for weeks now because I just wasn't ready to watch her for a reaction, or to deal with the reaction if it happened. I am proud of how diligent I have been.

As Madelyn has started eating finger foods I like to share with her from my plate to expose her to new flavors as well as distract her so I can eat my own food. French fries have been one of her favorites for a while now and one of the best places to get fries (and a burger) is Five Guys and there was one 2 minutes from our house in Stafford so whenever family was in town or we wanted a good burger that's where we went.

Last week my parents and I went to the new Five Guys here in Asheville and I ordered Madelyn a grilled cheese sandwich and we got an order of fries to share. Madelyn was halfway through her sandwich and chowing down on fries when I looked up and saw a sign on the menu declaring that they cook only in peanut oil. Duh. On the way out the door I saw this sign...

Guess she isn't allergic to peanuts huh? I'm such an awesome mom.


Amber said…
Your such a good mom! I can't believe that NC has a Five Guys! Moving on up!!! (Did you sing that last part? Like the song?!?)
The Lowe Family said…
SO she's still alive? YAY!!! I've always been worried about the nut thing.
Bonnie said…
Well, at least they warned you sufficiently... too bad you don't know how to read :-)

I'm glad that she made it through!

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