Getting in touch

Now that I am living in Asheville I am trying to reconnect with my mountain girl roots and living in my Granny's house is really helping me out with that. My Granny's house is a cute little trailor that she bought after my grandaddy passed away because their huge 3 floor 5 bedroom house was just too big for her and not in a safe enough area for an old woman. Seriously, her house is so cozy and homey and Madelyn has settled right in.

Anyway, the other day I was sitting in the recliner flipping between My Big Fat Redneck Wedding and The Dog Whisperer with a bag of garbage sitting on my front porch. I think I'm settling into mountain living nicely don't you?

Oh, and if you haven't seen MBFRW, you must! It's great, there is nothing like it to make you feel like the classiest most educated person in the whole world. I don't recommend that you eat or drink during your viewing though because you may vomit and / or shoot liquid out your nose laughing.


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