OK, so my last post was apparently a little more doom and gloom than I actually feel since two of ya'll thought I was curled up fetal style rocking myself and another thought my post meant I would be happier in CA.

Neither is true. I am just feeling the difference between a military town and my hometown. I never really thought it'd be that big of a deal. But it is. It's weird living "civilian" again without a commissary, without a Marine checking your ID to go grocery shopping, without the exchange, without a barber shop on every corner and a used car lot across the street...lol.

I am happy here. I LOVE being near my family and this is such a gorgeous city and Madelyn and I are finding our routine and our place. Weekends and time with family is awesome, but both my parents and my inlaws work...plus my daugther needs some interaction with somebody at least close to her age. Therefore her mommy needs to learn how to function as a civilian mom among other civilian moms.

I guess what is the most different is making friends. On base I automatically have one HUGE thing in common with every woman there...I am a military spouse. Now? Not so much, I have to talk to wives to find out what we have in common and none of my opening lines or small chat is relevant. I can't open with "Who's your husband with?" or chat about different duty stations or the exchange.

Tomorrow we're to story time again and then another one on Tuesday and next week we're gonna check out a little gym and another playgroup. Don't worry, I'm not rocking in a corner...just trying to get my footing on a little common ground with some potential friends.

On a fantabulous note...Chris will be home on Thursday for a few days! I am so happy to see him, he is my best friend and I love him so much!


Okay, so I am really glad to hear that your not in the corner rocking yourself...if you were...Madelyn could just walk over and growl at you! That would probably snap you out of it!

It is really hard though to find "something" in common with people who are not military. And it is very true that you have to find that common ground with them. Its more work isn't it!

I hope your enjoying Madelyn's storytimes. I can't wait for Chris to be there with you!!! I hate seeing families not together! Enjoy your time with him! I can't wait to hear how Madelyn cuddles up with him:)
Sumpffamilie said…
Okay, I truly laughed at the used car lot!
I understand how you feel, and know that you will be fine, you are a strong, confident women... just a little off foot right now. You will be fine in no time! We miss you and can not wait to see you all in January!!
The Lowe Family said…
So I'm so excited for you that you love Chris. You never mention him like EVER. Like I didn't even know you were married or that you had a best friend named Chris. I'm so happy for you! *wink*

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