Thankful...a list

1. My husband. He puts up with so much silliness from me and that's saying a lot a man who wasn't used to silliness before me.
2. I'm thankful that my husband is in MO and can't kill me for that comment until tomorrow. ;)
3. My Madelyn, my puddin pop. She is beautiful and wonderful and can make me laugh when the whole world wants to make me cry.
4. My family. They are wonderful and supportive and I love being so close to them. It's been so much fun being able to pop over to their house for a visit or having them popping over here.
5. Pampered Chef Chopper. It makes chopping 4 cups of onions fun, easy and fast! Not at all like chopping them by hand.
6. Wireless internet.
7. Pajamas. I love that I can have instant comfort from an oversized T-shirt and yummy flannel pants.
8. Cooking smells. There is nothing better than smelling a wonderful meal in your house and tomorrow it's going to be even more so with sauteed onions and very favorite smell in the whole world. I would bottle it and wear it as perfume.
9. Reality TV. I love it. I love vegging out to some random people competing to cook the best outfit as they walk down the runway on their way to a ballroom dance.
10. Ya'll. It makes me happy to think that somebody out there cares what I have to say on my little blog even on the days when my writing and stories are a little less than entertaining.


The Lowe Family said…
oooh i like wireless internet too. this is my first time to have it and i LOOOVE sittin in bed with Austin's laptop and bloggin!!
okay, so I am sending this to u froM my iPhone as we r driving up from GA. I had to hold my phone at all kinds of angels to even read what u blogged. My eyes now hurt, thanks alot! I'm glad u had chris home with u and madelyn...even though I'm sure it went by way to quickly! Xmas is right around the corner! Okay, I need to go....I think I need to vomitt ..feeling car sick from texting and driving!

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