I really wish somebody would buy my daughter some toys, she has absolutely nothing as evidenced by the things she plays with.

A short list of what she has played with lately...

-Boxes of jello
-empty coke bottle
-laundry detergent jugs (full and brand new)
-reusable grocery bags
-tupperware of all sized and shapes
-bottles of lotion
-a laundry basket that she filled with magnets, wash cloths and vhs cases
-an oven mitt
-hand towels off the stove
-wicker basket
-wooden spoon
Of course she had to walk past her rather large toy pile several times in order to completely destroy the house with said "toys" but I guess those just aren't fun enough.
As I type she is putting tupperwear lids in her highchair.


Dude! You should feel lucky that you don't have to buy her toys! You can just recycle all her new "toys" when she's done playing with them. I bet when you take her shopping, she gets so excited looking at the packaging. She is using her imagination, so watch out, you might have to put her in the pack and play and put a box over top of it. She might be getting to smart for her own good!

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