warm fuzzies...

Chris has been afraid that Madelyn wouldn't remember him since we hadn't seen him for 2 weeks, but yesterday after we picked him up he put his hand back to her carseat and she held onto it with both hands smiling from ear to ear. She was all smiles everytime he walked into the room and would follow him from room to room and look for him if he went missing.

This morning she woke up and after her little stretches and eye rubbing she looked over and realized that the lump next to her was not a pillow or down comforter but was Daddy! and she crawled over, sat on his chest and buried her face in his neck. I think she would have crawled in his skin if she could have and every few seconds she would sit up and look at him as if he were just a dream and she needed to make sure that he was real.

These two moments make the time apart a little easier knowing that she is a daddy's girl and time won't change that.


Amber said…
So very sweet!!! Doesn't it just warm your heart when they act like that with daddy?!? It does me. I thought that Emma-Kay would've had a problem with Matt once she saw him on Friday, but she acted just like Madelyn did and wouldn't let him out of her site. She cried for him if he happened to walk away.

I bet it was hard for you both to leave Chris again. But, Thanksgiving will be here in no time!
The Lowe Family said…
thats so precious! i love that picture and the visual of her crawling in his skin

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