Baby for

For sale (or rent for a few days) 13 month old girl, 8 teeth with 39 bazillion coming in RIGHT NOW, a few runny boogies and great lungs. Doesn't like to sleep so you get a whole lotta baby for your money. $1 or best offer.
This picture is old but a crying baby is a crying baby.
Plus this one is just of her not getting her way, 5 seconds later she was laughing...
it's definitely not the back arching screaming I was getting tonight...somehow I just didn't think to grab the camera.


OMG! What a steal, only $1! But I think that if I put my 3 kids up for a $1, mine would be a better deal?!? 3 for the price of 1! And my oldest can be used a maid if need be!

I guess you've been having a hard day?!? Sorry girl!!!!
The Lowe Family said…
i've got you both beat...i can do FOUR..thats right, count em...
kids for the price of one. no ones's gonna buy ur babies now!
Bonnie said…
Well, mine would be more expensive. I could never sell my children so cheaply, after all... they're registered and have had all their shots.

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