Buh bye 2008

Dear 2008,

It's been real. I can't really say I'm sad to see you go and maybe 2009 will make me long for your indiffernce but lets face it, we got off on a bad start with Madelyn being in the hospital on IVs and monitors. You got a little better with an awesome fun ski-trip with a fabulous group of friends. We've lived in 3 different states during your reign and Chris has had a whole truckload of training that has meant too much time away from Madelyn and I. I met people I probably wouldn't have crossed paths with under normal circumstances, became good friends with somebody I previously knew little about. I have laughed a lot this year, and cried over things I can't change.

I made new friends, visited the capital, flew with Madelyn for the first time, rode the metro more than I ever imagined I would, moved all of my stuff to CA to be put in storage, knitted some, sewed some, lost a little of myself, and found a little I didn't know existed.

I know that you'll go down in history because of the economic mess and the election but for me you'll just be that year I moved too much, made new friends, and learned a lot about going with the flow, and watching my daughter grow and change too quickly before my eyes. I wish you the best of luck 2008 as you head into retirement, I know that 2009 will hold a whole new set of adventures, heart ache, and laughter.

Good-bye 2008...you'll be remembered fondly.



Very well written!!! Happy New Year!!!
The Lowe Family said…
HEY!! I'm one of those new friends!!!!

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