Cyber Monday - A Thanksgiving Recap

This Thanksgiving was probably one of the best we have had. We didn't do a whole lot of running around to various family members houses and Chris was with us. On Wednesday night Mom and Dad came over to do some prep work for our meal on Thursday since I was going to have to run off right in the middle of cooking to pick up Chris from the airport. Dad helped out by entertaining Madelyn who piled all of her stuffed animals on him three times. (Please ignore the messiness).
Thanksgiving day was full of good food, laughter and lots of snuggles. All of the pictures from our house are on Mom and Dads camera but Granny was there and I think she had a really good time. The weather was beautiful, chilly but not cold. After our meal we headed over to Chris' Grandparents house for snacks and visiting with family from TN. Madelyn had a great time playing with some of Chris' old stuffed animals. I love her tights, Chris asked if she'd turned into a hippie after living here for 4 weeks.

At her Great-Grandmother Sue's Madelyn loves to play with an old rocking chair that was Sue's when she was a little girl and dancing to music played on the record player. I swear this baby is an old soul. She loves bluegrass music and taps her feet and claps her hands

Friday and Saturday brought some more family visits, shopping and even a date out for Mom and Dad. I love discount shopping! I got very little Christmas shopping done but we got some great buys at the J Crew discount store and Chris got a much desired dress coat to go with his suits and I got a cute little dress that will be easy to dress up or down. On our date it was great to have a chance to talk to Chris and eat dinner without having to make faces or shake random objects trying to keep a certain little girl happy.
On Sunday we got all dressed up and headed out to breakfast and church with Chris' Dad (Papaw), Brandon and Heather. We had a great time visiting but Madelyn's 3 days of excitement started catching up with her and she was really fighting a cold and had very little patience.

We managed to get our Christmas tree up and a few decorations out before Chris had to leave on Sunday evening (I'll post so pictures of it later) and spent Sunday afternoon relaxing and watching Hallmark Christmas movies. Then it was time to run off to the airport where Chris checked his luggage and found out his connection was delayed and then as we were pulling out to run to Target we found out his entire flight was delayed by 2 hours so we went to dinner. Luckily we pulled back in to the airport just in time to hear the announcement that they were closing the security line (gotta love small airports) so we didn't get to go inside and see him off like I was hoping to. Long story short, Chris made it back to base about 45 minutes ago (1230) after having to spend the night in Atlanta because he was going to miss his original connection last night.

Here is Chris putting some shave stuff in airline approved containers in the middle of the Target parking lot.

Our visit was great, not nearly long enough but we will see him again in 3 weeks for Christmas! Woohoo!


It looks like you had a great visit with him!!! Always too short though:( Madelyn's outfit was too cute!!! She is getting so big! What was it exactly that Chris was putting in the empty Target container?!?! Or should I ask?
The Lowe Family said…
okay madelyn DOES look a little granola, i'm worried about her.

yes please do tell what chris is pouring into approved containers. he looks suspitious.
Froggylady said…
Aqua-Velva. Scary huh?


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