Dear molars

Dear molars,

Hi! It's me, Katrina. Madelyn's mommy and I am writing ask you to cease and desist causing my daughter so much pain. All 8 of your incisor buddies came in the night without announcing the presence, just sweet little teeth coming to do their jobs without a fight.

You mean molars have been ganging up on my baby for a week now, you have forced her to dig out teethers that she never cared about before and carry them around double fisted trying to find some relief from you. Teeth do not need to hurt to be noticed.

Are you afraid that you won't get any love because you're in the back of the mouth so you are acting out? I can assure you that we love you molars, you are special and we will not forget you. I didn't mean to compare you to the incisors, they are not as good as you when it comes to chewing meat, you do all the work while they get all the glory of being seen and used to bite. Maybe you are right, maybe this isn't fair but we all are special and have our special jobs. Why don't you come on out here and play nice and I will give you a big hug? If you keep up this attitude I will have no choice but to take you to Dr. Phil and I don't think you'll like what he'll have to say.

I don't want to be so threatening, but my baby needs some relief, she is just a little pumpkin and didn't do anything to deserve all your anger.



Those poor molars are getting all the bad vibes, why is that?!? All they want to do is make your baby cry until they all come in, which in return will just keep you up all night long with no relief because your husband is gone. Oh, and guess what....when Madelyn is 2....they will be back to break through again!!!

Poor Madelyn!!! I hope that they just break through for her so she stops fussing!
The Lowe Family said…
okay. tell me if this letter works and if it does will you write a letter to my wisdom teeth too and tell them to fall out on their own because they are making my previously braced teeth get crooked???
Bonnie said…
Oh man, poor Madelyn! It is so sad when they start teething. You know they are miserable, and there is nothing you can do about it. I hate that feeling!

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