Go figure...

Go figure that I wouldn't be able to sleep after 6 am because I was excited about Madelyn getting her Santa gifts and then when we get up she's more interested in the $10 popcorn popper walky thingy and the legos than the Elmo. Of course she also LOVES her Cracker Barrel rocking chair too.

We had a wonderful day and I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas! Ours continues tomorrow with Chris' Mom and Saturday with his grandparents and extended family. Whew.

In my down time I'll be learning to sew on my new sewing machine!

Playing with her cousin Kaylee - they just met today.


The Lowe Family said…
i wanna learn to sew on my new sewing machine that i got about 6 yers ago but have NEVER used. tech me!!! me!! me!!!
Madelyn looked so pretty in her dress! Didn't you know that all you had to give her for xmas was an empty box and she would be completely happy! You could even throw in there, a wood spoon if you wanted too! Glad you had a great Christmas!!!!

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