O Christmas Tree...a tour.

Please keep your hands and feet inside the car...

This past weekend we put up our Christmas tree so that Chris would be able to participate. We usually choose to do a larger tree and a real one if possible, but this year because of a toddler we opted for a table top tree so I pulled out some of our favorite ornaments to decorate with.

We also usually have an angel on the top but our usual angel is really big and would have dwarfed this tree and in my shopping I couldn't find one that I liked and I really wanted to have a topper before Chris left.

Our little tree with last year's family Christmas picture on the left and Santa Pooh's from around the world underneath.
This is a pretty good synopsis of our ornaments, frogs and patriotic.
I won't bore with every frog and every patriotic ornament...but the frogs are winning.

This is the ornament from the church where we got married.

This is a little thumbprint mouse made from Madelyn's thumb.
Chris has one just like it from when he was a baby.
(On the right is Domino's ornament, a dog house and on the left is a German bell)

Madelyn's First Christmas ornament.
I looked all last season for a reasonably priced ornament that I loved and never found one. Luckily we found this one on clearance two weeks after Christmas and bought it.
Ornament and engraving for under $15, plus it holds a picture.

We try to get an ornament from different places we visit, this is an alligator from Key West, there is also a sail boat.

The ornament that tempts the baby daily.
I love Lilo and Stitch and this hangs at the bottom of the tree.

I love ornaments that catch the light and sparkle and twinkle. I couldn't capture it on film, but this one is gorgeous with beads and mirror squares.

A whimsical snowman. I love finding interesting ornaments...especially if they're snowmen.
A snowman hot air balloon with a snowman in the basket.

This is the "boob angel". She's light pink and ALWAYS makes me think of boobs.
She's still really pretty though. :)
I hope you enjoyed our little tour and a little peek into our Christmas decor. I am excited that we have enough personal ornaments that we are able to forego glass balls if we choose. Next year with a larger tree I will add them back in, but I'm really enjoying our little tree this year.


Bonnie said…
Well, to be honest with you... your boob angel looks more like testicles.
You know that grotesque decorations that attach to the back of trucks on the hitch. They look just like a set of ballz. Maybe they are only in texas... so I guess I'm not that proud of being from here.
The Lowe Family said…
oh gosh, thats exactly what i thought of when i saw it...the texas balls that guys put on their trucks! i like her and if you think she's more of a boob ornament then you should put her picture on your myspace page with your other boob friends. i think she wants to be with others of her kind...

i wish i had boobs.
Sumpffamilie said…
okay, speaking of lilo... have you seen spirited away? the little girl shares to same voice. it was weird for me, as i love lilo and stitch.

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