Wonderful time of year?

Today I went shopping at Tarjay to check out their selection of cabbage patch dolls to see if I wanted to get Madelyn one (our local Toys R Us is apparently only frequented by white people because all they had left were little brown babies) and there were people EVERYWHERE! I have fought crowds before with shopping but there is a whole different level of having to deal with stuff when you have a baby and you are used to leisurely wandering up and down the aisles and letting her check out stuff and just having a rather pleasant time.

Not today, not at all, not any way shape or form. People were pushing, the aisles were packed and I had Madelyn in her buggy and we stopped to watch the big clompy dinosaur and I was standing there with her pushed over to the side out of the way and this rude nasty woman grabs the front of my buggy and starts to move it! She acted like it was just a rogue buggy with nothing in it and it had my baby! and my purse...plus me holding on to it. I looked at her and said "Excuse me" in a polite tone, becasue I didn't mean to be in her way and she just kept trying to pull it forward. There was one other person on the aisle behind me but the row wasn't blocked and she didn't seem to be after anything that was behind my buggy. So I said "Am I in your way?" in a little more ticked off tone and the woman just stared at me, looked at Madelyn mumbled something and turned around and left. It was really weird and started to creep me out the more I thought about it. I mean, was this woman trying to take my baby, or my purse or was she just in a shopping frenzy and embarrassed that she had grabbed my buggy? I think that shopping frenzy might be the correct answer, but I will not be letting go of a buggy with my baby in it ever again.

I didn't see her again which is amazing because I somehow managed to run into the same arguing couple about 15 times as they always seemed to be blocking the aisle I wanted to go down. And that is even odder because I did the store in a completely random way...even for me. I know that times are stressful and sometimes you argue in Target, but these two were in a heated discussion through the entire store AND they kept glaring at people who walked by them like they were invading their privacy. I just wanted to yell at them to go sit in the car or something...they didn't have a buggy and they weren't carrying anything so I'm not sure what kind of shopping they were doing...but whatever.

Luckily I had a very nice cashier, I was able to get the things I wanted/needed and we walked out unscathed.

I can't wait to go grocery shopping at Walmart later this week.


The Lowe Family said…
u got something against brown babies?
Remember when you go to Walmart, to print off my Walmart Bingo, its on one of my older blog posts!

I went to the Toys R Us here yesterday, and it was INSANE with people! I couldn't handle it, so I just left!

I can't wait to hear about all the fablous people you will see at Walmart! I love Walmart stories!!!!
Froggylady said…
I don't have anything against brown babies, it was just amusing that there weren't any cream babies. Especially when you know the type of clientele our TRU gets.

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