You are getting sleepy...

Madelyns sleep habits are horrible. She hates to sleep, she thinks that something major will happen and she will miss it if she falls asleep of her own free will. This means that most any time she is still she will go to sleep and the only time I can get her still for long enough to fall asleep she is strapped in to her carseat or the high chair. This also means that she usually falls asleep holding something or mid playing in said strapped in contraption.

In the high chair, mid cheerio eating and with a juice bottle that she was playing with.

Fighting with the hood...

And she's out...

This was on our way back from Charleston, she was fussy so I gave her the last thing I had available for her to play with (she'd thrown all the toys in the floor).

I need to get some pictures of her going to sleep in her carseat, she presses her hands in to her face so hard and pulls on her ears and smooshes her cheeks. It's fabulously amusing. Of course she's usually only going to sleep in her carseat when I'm driving so pictures are a little hard to get. Unless she's got a coke bottle sticking out of her mouth and then I just have to risk it, throw the camera over my shoulder and hope for the best.


OMG!!!! I love it!!!! Did she really fall asleep with that coke bottle in her mouth like that? Girl, if that is the case, you need to have a talk with her about that! We don't want her growing up thinking that she needs "things" in her mouth like that! Not a good idea Madelyn!!!!

I can't believe that her ears haven't fallen off yet! I've seen her in action, and I can't believe you haven't had to sew those back on her head!

Ian told me today that he wanted to see Madelyn, isn't that so cute!

Oh, and I love her outfit, the one where she is pulling her looks familiar *wink*.

Oh, and I use graphic imagines on my blog because my freakin Iphone that I use as a camera is fuzzy and won't download. I am really hoping that I can get my Nikon D60 soon! If you know anyone that has about $800 that they don't need anymore? Ask them to buy one for me! Thanks!
The Lowe Family said…
That is hilarious!!!!! I love it! I love when they fall asleep int he middle of tha hall!
tiffanyg said…
I love the last picture!!

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