Today we said goodbye to Chris after a 2 week visit. It was supposed to have been yesterday but because he has the WORST luck with flights lately it was this morning which is just as well since his flight home was also delayed by about 36 hours. Like I said...not so lucky with the flying.

One good thing is that I will actually have covers and room to roll over tonight. :) Since we are living in my Granny's house we are also sleeping in her full size bed...a bed that gets really full when you have 4 pillows, a down comforter, a teddy bear, 2 adults, and a toddler that joins in the fun around 3 in the morning. I think that's why they call it a full size bed. It's just big enough to get really full really fast.

Madelyn and I have had a rough day missing daddy. She didn't sleep well last night due to the consumption of 30 gallons of sweet tea that her uncle Adam poured down her throat so she was tired, I was sad, and at around 1:30 I think we were both crying for Daddy as we fell asleep for a nap.

I mitigated the foul moods by hitting the park. It was a gorgeous day and she had some energy to burn so we went to a neighborhood park that has a fairly decent tot-lot (it's no Marine Corps Museum playground though) and let her play. Let me say that I have one girly girl of a baby. She thought about getting in the sand until she got some on her hands and then she brushed her hands off and turned tail and ran towards the slide. At one point she crouched down to investigate the mulch and one of her hands made contact with the wood chips. This was not OK, she immediately ran to me and wiped her hand on my jeans. I could feel the parents of the dirty kids laughing at us. That's bathtub drain was clogged with nasty and her carseat is still only full of cracker crumbs and not sand.

We had an awesome visit with Chris, Madelyn is a total Daddy's girl and one night after she got in bed with us she had been fighting going back to sleep...wiggling and saying "Hi!" and touching my face and Chris rolled over and grunted or something and she realized he was in bed and she rolled onto her back, reached over and touched his face and said "Daddy" and passed out asleep. It was so sweet. She slept like that for several hours, her little hand on his back.

I know we're going to miss him, but he'll be back in 2 weeks for a short visit...flight luck allowing and shortly after that we will be joining him in CA.


I'm sorry that your time with Chris is over!!! I really hate that for you!!!!

And as for Madelyn....remember how she was with her hands getting dirty from the USMC park? All that black tar from the "cushion" stuff on the ground? Too funny! I can totally invision her making her srunchy nose face while brushing the sand and bark off of her!
The Lowe Family said…
i miss the usmc museum park :(((((

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