In training

Some parents like to train their children to do things like use the toilet, others like to train their kids to walk with them in crowds, and even some others might try to train their kids to do chores and be contributing members to society. Yeah, that's all good stuff, but I'm training my daughter to shop.

It all began when she decided to be born in the late fall and it was cold and the only place we could go to walk around was the mall and we would walk around and around with her usually riding in the snuggly and we would talk about how we shouldn't cry in the shoe department at Dillards because then Daddy wouldn't buy us shoes or let Mommy shop for shoes. I would dance to whatever muzac was playing and we'd go to the women's lounge for lunch (haha). Chris has always given me heck about teaching her not to cry around new shoes or clothes because it actually worked. He would take her around and around and most times she would stop crying in the shoe department. A girl has to have priorities.

Her training is nearing completion. Yesterday we were killing time in K-marshay and we walked through the shoe "department" and I'll be danged if she didn't point to some sandals, sign "please" and start yanking off her tennis shoes. We tried on 4 different pairs of sandals and I just can't wait to paint those little toes* bright pink.

I am so proud.

*Yes, toes. I am not good with the nail polish wand and there is no way she will sit still long enough for me paint such a teetiney surface.


Bonnie said…
Well, I think it's great that you are teaching her something... ugh! Em is the laziest baby ever. She doesn't sign, speak, use the toilet, do tricks...nada! I guess I should take her to the mall... if only there was one in this podunk town!
Haha!!!! So, what age will she be when you allow her to have her own "RSOW" shoes? Will you let her walk in yours first?

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