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I'm just not feeling the blogging love lately, I'm in a bit of a funk due to real life stresses and blogging just doesn't come naturally right now. Plus there isn't much blogworthy going on in my life right now...anybody want to send a little excitement my way?

Oh I'm also not really feeling the commenting love either so please forgive any lame "that's awesome" comments I've left. It's just me trying to say "Hey! I read you, I like you! Please keep writing something so I can read about other peoples lives."

OK, I know I just had a weekend with friends and snow and there's tons to blog there but I think I'll just share some pictures instead.

Nevermind Blogger is stoopid. No pictures for you today so I have to give you some words.

On Sunday we had snow and it was finally warmer than negative 30 bazillion degrees so I bundled Madelyn up and we went outside to play in the snow with the Wiggins clan. The girls had so much fun and Madelyn seemed to love the snow. Sunday afternoon the girls went tubing and at first Madelyn wasn't feeling the tubing love. She just kind of laid in her tube with her little hot pink boots sticking up with a total blank look on her face. By the end I had her sitting up and she had a blast as Chris and I pushed her up the hill and slid her back down.

Sunday night after the kids were in bed, Brad, Kara, Chris U., and Chris R all played poker while Denise, Craig and I played Wii. I made Denise laugh so hard she had to run to the bathroom with my sound effects for playing air hockey.

I'm still trying to catch up on my sleep! Three nights being up til 2 a.m. or later is way too much partying for me...especially when Madelyn's first wake up is usually around that same time.


Wiggins Family said…
Hey girlie... get out of your funk and get to your normal self. Well I don't have much room to talk my funk has to do with chores and my house and nothing get done around here. I had a great time "running to the bathroom" while playing Air Hockey on the Wii... you were great. I love and miss ya hun.
What is wrong girlie?!?! Why in such a funk? We all get that way from time to time.

I got to see pics of Madeyln in the tube with Denise's girls on her blog. Too cute!!!!!

I'm glad you guys got to see each other, you both really needed that. It is always wonderful to be able to reconnect with such a great friend!
Sumpffamilie said…
Awe!! I miss you so much!! And wish it would have been easier for us to make it out there... stupid TBS. Well... i hope your travels go well, and promise that we will meet up for a vacation next year. XOXO

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