Sticks of death.

I am blogging from a cozy cabin in the mountains of North Carolina where there is a light snow dusting the ground, a fire in the fire place and I am getting ready to play a cooking game with a really good friend. Content pretty much covers how I am feeling.

However, earlier today I was doing a controlled fall down the mountain on sticks of death. Death to my right knee and hip to be specific. Last time I skiied I was nervous and scared and I perfected the fall. I didn't get hurt, just a little stiff and it was all OK. Today I got cocky. I was turning while moving and thought I should just try to go for it. I did not perfect the fall. I fell and snow went all up the back of my coat and soaked my cuddle duds. So now I am nursing a sprained/twisted/banged up knee. Oh well. It's all good.

Madelyn, Paige and Reese have had an absolute blast running around and playing and have done so well together and with all of the adults hanging out. It's so great to see them together and to see all of our friends. Now I just wish the Wiggins family would find out already if we will be having Southern California playdates this summer.

Molly just corrected the name of my blog because my apostrophe is improper. So there might be changes or I might just rebel against proper grammar...take that grammar!

I will post some pictures later when I have the energy.


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