Wine makes her clothes fall off...

Haha Daddy! Gotcha! I know you thought I was gonna blog it, but I'm not...not yet anyway.

I've been thinking lately that I might need to re-enter the workforce when we move. Not really for the money, but I like having some structure, a job, adults to talk to. I probably won't since when we move I'll be in CA and will HAVE to be tan and fit and right now trying to tan my fat butt would be a full time job and getting it fit? HA! I'd have to charge myself overtime. Plus I just know that I will be so busy having play-dates with Denise (fingers crossed) and Bonnie and all my new friends that I have yet to make that there just won't be time for things like a job. I just hope Chris will understand my scheduling conflicts.

Anyway, in thinking about re-entering the workforce I have thought about my past jobs and what I enjoyed and what I was good at and a conversation with my sister made me think about that one time that I was a waitress. I enjoyed it, but it did not enjoy me.

I was pretty good about getting everyones order right and keeping drinks filled and plates cleared and making sure special orders were taken care of. I was not very good at the carrying. When describing me, graceful would NEVER be used unless you were saying "Katrina is as graceful as a duck on a tightrope", then you could use it. One night I had a large family who were celebrating so they ordered wine. Lots of wine in glasses, no bottles. I brought the first tray of wine and start handing them out. As I place the next to last glass of wine on the table my hand tilts and I dump an entire glass of chenin blanc on the head of the 5 year old little boy. Luckily the glass didn't hit him, the glass fell over on the tray and then poured directly onto his head. I couldn't have hit him better if I had tried. He was so upset, and embarrassed and I was mortified. Luckily the family took it in stride, had their meals minus their alcohol comped by my awesome manager and the Mom ran the little boy home and changed his clothes. I walked away with a $40 tip because I continued to serve the family. Apparently they expected me to get another server to handle it. Honestly, I didn't even think of that or I probably would have.

So I guess I'll be entering the workforce in a job that requires a little less grace. Oh wait...laying by the pool requires very little grace. See...just one more reason for me to continue to stay at home.


Haha!!!! Dude, your going to go back to work?!? WHY? We stat at home mom's totally have the life! Work, yah, thats just work! No thanks!!!!
Bonnie said…
I don't know about you, but I work more at home than I ever did in the Navy! Of course, that was the Navy... but still... staying at home is very hard work. Especially when your hubby has to take off for months at a time! Dude, I am so ready for a paying gig! But I'll stick this out until Em gets started with pre-K.
Good luck with your hunt!
Bonnie said…
well, not really good luck... those were just words... I don't really want you to get a job.

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