Wow, I just read my post from last night and boy was that boring. Sorry.

Now to bore you with my funk. I find that writing or talking about things usually help them stop bogging me down because then they aren't rolling around in my head.

This past Sunday my uncle passed away. It wasn't unexpected but that doesn't really make it any easier and the hardest part for me has been facing mortality. My uncle was only a year older than my mom and my cousins and their children are without a father, without "paps". I just don't like it. It breaks my heart.

Add to this mortality issue the fact that I am most likely moving to CA in ONE month and I'm just not liking the thought of leaving family. More importantly, I don't like having to take Madelyn away from them. She knows her family members now, she recognizes them and has different things at everyone house that she loves to do. It's sweet and precious and I just don't want that to end.

Now factor in that the longer we stay here the more time we're away from Chris and well, this just isn't acceptable at all. I feel like I'm being forced to eat brocoli and sweet potatoes all in one meal. If you know know that is probably my worst culinary nightmare.

SO...given that we ARE moving in a month, I have SO MUCH to do! Chris won't be able to drive across with us so my mom is coming and we're putting our current living stuff in a yet unordered POD and driving to a house that has yet to be rented...or found.

Now remember that I AM SO excited to live in CA, we loved it before and I know that I'll love taking Madelyn to the zoo and doing al the things Pendleton has to offer PLUS we'll get to be with Chris and settled and live in one place for longer than 6 months because after this move, we will have lived in 4 different states in a 12 month period.

So...there's a little of my funk. Maybe blogger will cooperate a little later and I can get some pictures of my super cute daughter in her snow suit on this here page.


Bonnie said…
First off, I am so sorry about your uncle. Death is always difficult, expected or not. My family will be thinking of your family.

Well, I will learn to get past the fact that you didn't mention the best part about Pendleton.

Anyway, I totally am jealous that you are going there in a month. Gah! I still have three more months before Dave graduates! We are on the housing list but it may be a while before we actually get a house. We were number 6 on the list in November and now after two months we have only moved up to number 5! Dude! We're homeless! But the good news is we are saving some serious money and paying down some depressingly high credit card debt.
I do feel your pain about leaving family! I am going through the same turmoil. I have so much family here and the kids are so happy. But there is something to be said for being with your husband. No one can replace that kind of support, even though I'm sure they would like to.
Good luck to ya, and see ya in a few!
The Lowe Family said…
ooooh...are you gonna live on or off base or is that still up in the air? fil us in on the house finding!!

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