So if somebody is SUPER lazy for 3 1/2 months and didn't do anything besides eat, play with the baby, and visit family and then goes shopping 3 DAYS before driving to CA she might learn that she has gained some extra pounds along the journey that she didn't mean to pick up and it would appear that a lot of the pounds are on her bum because that is what she turned in to for the entire time and now it's spring in CA and she will be expected to wear something other than jeans and bulky sweaters*.

THANK goodness this somebody has a jogging stroller and several miles of trails in her new neighborhood to run on. Plus this somebody is going to train to run a 10K (I'm not cool like Bonnie...I don't have the patience to run a marathon) so there might be extra lbs but there is also a plan to get them gone.

*Is that the longest sentance ever or what?


Okay, whatever.....run, run as fast as you can....you can't catch me...I'm the gingerbread man!

All you runners can just eat me! So, while your working yourself...I'll be enjoying all the fun eats and treats and will worry about working it off once I need to fit into something next spring/summer...and that will be when your all hot, and I'm not!
Bonnie said…
Oh my Gosh, Katrina!!! What I wouldn't give to have my running stroller with me and not in storage in California! Ugh!

By the way, I am so irked that I can't ever see your updates on my dashboard. I would have loved to have seen my shout out a little sooner! :-)

Speaking of which, I am totally jazzed that you are running a 10k! That's awesome! Especially coming from a self-proclaimed "non-runner". I think I remember you saying that you tried it and it wasn't for you. Hmm... I think I feel a marathon bug! I hope you catch it! The San Diego Marathon is coming up soon!

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