Camera dump...

Here are some random pictures that were going to get their own post but now I don't think they warrant a WHOLE post all to themselves so they are going to have to share a post with "dump" in the title and they can like it or I'll delete them. :) Two qualify for stuff on my baby but I don't want to wait anylonger to share them.

This was a random picture of my purse one day...proving that Madelyn has taken over. The green at the bottom is a baby spoon. If you correctly guess the baby food I'll send you a cookie...

I love this wrinkly face!

This is Baxter, my parents husky mix. He is a big doofus but so sweet. He is rarely, if ever, still and I snuck up on him asleep like this one day and absolutely loved it. The camera beep woke him up.

Did I show ya'll my gingerbread house? I couldn't remember, here is the front.
Yes, I took this picture because I was throwing it away....last week. shutup

Nutella and graham crackers...yumm yumm!


tiffanyg said…
Gosh I can't believe how big Miss Madelyn is getting! I miss her so much. I saw on gmail that you are hating moving again! When are you planning on hitting the road to CA? How is Chris doing in school? Tiff
Madelyn is so smoochable!

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